Artist Statement

Graham Brooks uses repeating elements and contrasting materials to explore ideas around artificiality, permanence, ownership, and waste.

He is also interested in the effect of wear and how marks of making and of handling an object leave traces of a human presence.

His currently works predominantly in Plaster Polymer and Felt to give to evoke the question of what is natural and what is artificial in a world driven by the production of sterile and unyielding products.

He uses a process led, material-based practice where the hands-on act of making is integral. The unique and hand-made is important. The slow repetitive process of making each ‘master’ component and the spontaneous act of assembly plays with the process of design, mass manufacture and consumption.

Living and working in Nottingham, U.K.


Born 1965 in Barrowford, Lancashire U.K. Graham Brooks graduated from Newcastle Polytechnic with a BA (Hons) in Design fo Industry and obtained a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design at Birmingham Polytechnic.

When based in London during the 90s he created a series of site-specific sculptural lighting designs for restaurants nightclubs and bars.

He next moved into the CGI arena producing 3D computer animation for video and TV. This led to a research post at the University of Nottingham using real-time graphics for virtual reality and ‘serious games’. As one of the founding members of Mission Room Ltd. he spent the next decade transforming this research into applications for industry.